Welcome to our first SongCo LAB of 2021

Welcome to our first SongCo LAB of 2021

4 days of workshops, masterclasses and ensemble singing await you. Whether you are one of the lucky chosen participants, or whether you would like to take part via our Day Pass option in the audience - you won't regret it!

Meet The Song Company artists alongside our invited guests that will bring you a little bit closer to what it means to be a professional singer. Get feedback, tips and possibly discover new aspects of your voice, your style and your stage presence.

If you have received a notification that your application was successful, please select the appropriate ticket as a SongCo LAB participant (Full or Student).

If you would like to attend as an audience member, please choose one of the available Day Pass options. 

The Song Company is looking forward to meeting you all at SongCo LAB.

We are sorry, but tickets are no longer available for this event.

Please consider one of our other events currently on sale.